We traveled all over the Middle East with one purpose: to gain a deeper understanding of the cuisines of the region. We visited countless homes, restaurants, and food stalls, humbled by the generosity of so many people sharing the origins, nuances, and traditions of their culinary heritage. From this fascinating experience, Chef Crista was able to recognize, appreciate, and pull out some of the key elements that make this region’s cuisine shine.

If you’re interested in exploring the tantalizing world of Middle Eastern cuisine, then these six premium spices are here to be your foundation. You’ll find them at almost every table and in almost every dish in the Arab world.

Our collection contains ethically sourced, whole, raw ingredients from the region, that are then milled by our trusted partners in Southern California. This is how we ensure that our spices are the freshest, purest, and most flavorful that you will ever experience.

Looking for some inspiration on how to use these spices in your kitchen? You’re in luck! We’re constantly sharing new mouth-watering Middle Eastern recipes on our Instagram and Facebook (@mezzespices) that use this collection in exciting and delicious ways.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s taste the world!